Géraldine Georges

Live & work in Brussels, Belgium


  • The New-York Times New-York, USA
  • Idn Hong Kong, China
  • W magazine New-York, USA
  • Design Bureau Chicago, USA
  • Dash magazine London, UK
  • Juxtapoz
  • Bangstyle
  • The Modern Directory
  • Palace COSTES Paris, France
  • Victoire Brussels, Belgium
  • Stirato Italy
  • Blister MM Brussels, Belgium
  • Iniciative Colectiva
  • D modmag Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Bangart Italy
  • Psychologie NL
  • A conceptual magazine Greece
  • dpi The age of European drawing Taiwan
  • +ing Japan
  • Talk Belgium
  • Fashion Wonderland Hong Kong, China
  • Computer arts project UK
  • The New Age of feminine drawing Gestalten Illustration Book
  • Musikraphics Hong Kong, China

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